Some of me.

First, about me. My name is Valentina.I am 14 years old; I’m the schoolgirl, eighth-grader. I live in Novosibirsk. This is my foto:

Ok, let me introduce myself and my beloved cat! His name is Evrick. He is so old, he's 22 yeards old. He is very intelligent, beautiful, cute, friendly, kind, nice, cuddly & furry, I love to hug him and play with him. He is really awesome! We spend a lot of time together and really enjoy it! I love him so much!  

 I like English — I’m really fascinated by it. I frequently contact with foreigners, I read English books in the original, listen and try to translate some songs. Now I read the storybook written by Kipling — “How the Whale got his throat”.

As for music, my favorite band is “The Nazis from Mars”. I enjoy their voices and the way they play music. I like all of their songs, but all-time favorites are “Girl From Another World” and “Night Of The Phantom”. These are really beautiful songs, but now, unfortunately, I’m sick of them! At the moment I listen Rise Against; actually, I like some rock songs of different artists in English or German much more. Until today I’ve listened Panik (Nevada Tan). Do you like this song?

The Nazis From Mars — Night Of The Phantom


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Amazing, how many years old is your cat! I wish happy years of living to him in the future. 

Thanks! Yes, he always is and will be with them ^_^

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