Completion of the blog.


 I guess, four important posts would be enough. It will go to the competition of web projects. It was abandoned for some period, I didn't have enough time for it and I didn't know what I'm going to write about. The fact is that before it  I had 2 more unfinished projects, one of them was my book. Currently, I completely lost interest for this, and I'm tired of writing it and I decided not to finish it. My next project will concern professions. It will describe my future profession (translator), reasoning upon it. Also I have to hold opinion poll. But it's just for school.


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Nozomi Kiriya

I'm not crazy about anime, but I really like it. Some time ago I started to watch it, but it was abandoned for a long time, now again became interested. My favorite anime at the moment is «Mayoi Neko Overrun!».

In one of the characters I saw myself. Her name is Nozomi. I think she even looks like me, and one of my friends seid thet we're reallt alike. She is one of the main character, a cat-girl. She's laconic, good and smart and has great physical skills. She has a tendency to say «Nya~», much like a cat, even together with her mimic. Her hairdo also oddly looks like a pair of cat ears. A mysterious girl Otome picked up at the train station on the way home. She arrived in Stray Cats, not revealing anything about herself — excluding her name. She is a netive originally from Murasame Gakuen, a school/research center which gathers orphans having who show great potential, and educates and develops their hidden potential. Sinse she was the best her teachers would often were used to set her as an example; which would cause the students grief. She is good in studies, sports and the piano, and when she was learning how to make a cake from Otome, she did it perfectly on her first try, and was appointed the new patisserie of Stray Cats. 

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 I love this country. Not only Japan, but the whole eastern culture: Chinese, Korean and many others. I like many cultural components: art, cuisine and language. There are very beautiful scenery. The Japanese people are very hardworking, kind and intelligent people. I respect them. Japan made a lot of modern inventions; it is a very high-developed country. There are huge modern metropolises, thet are adapted to frequent natural phenomena. The Japanese are hardy, strong in spirit. I know a lot of stories about it. Everyone remembers the accident: an explosion at the nuclear plant, «Fukushima». Millions of people lost their lives. This terrible accident enormously damaged the country. After-effects still exist, but some regions pull through it much fastethanothers. 


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^_^ CATS ^_^

As it was mentioned above, all my life is strongly related to cats. Cats are so pretty. It's impossible to keep a straight face in the presence of one or more. (Cynthina E. Vernado.) Nobody can help loving them, their natural beauty always affects you emotionally. I love cats for all my life. I guess I was a cat in my past life. When I was a childgirl I was sure that «Kitten» is my real name. There is one cat who was by me within all my life! His name is Evric, and he is 6 years older than me.

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Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur... Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr, purr, purr... ^_^

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Some of me.

First, about me. My name is Valentina.I am 14 years old; I’m the schoolgirl, eighth-grader. I live in Novosibirsk. This is my foto:

Ok, let me introduce myself and my beloved cat! His name is Evrick. He is so old, he's 22 yeards old. He is very intelligent, beautiful, cute, friendly, kind, nice, cuddly & furry, I love to hug him and play with him. He is really awesome! We spend a lot of time together and really enjoy it! I love him so much!  

 I like English — I’m really fascinated by it. I frequently contact with foreigners, I read English books in the original, listen and try to translate some songs. Now I read the storybook written by Kipling — “How the Whale got his throat”.

As for music, my favorite band is “The Nazis from Mars”. I enjoy their voices and the way they play music. I like all of their songs, but all-time favorites are “Girl From Another World” and “Night Of The Phantom”. These are really beautiful songs, but now, unfortunately, I’m sick of them! At the moment I listen Rise Against; actually, I like some rock songs of different artists in English or German much more. Until today I’ve listened Panik (Nevada Tan). Do you like this song?

The Nazis From Mars — Night Of The Phantom


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Wide great open!


Hello. This is my new project for the «ABC», blog about me, my life, my interests, and everything about me. I'm so glad that I have this opportunity, I was thinking about it for a long time because I can to write so good in the social networks. In addition I write a book, it’s not completed and not finished yet. That's the first time I'm blogging in English, sinse I do it in Russian. I think, it will be not difficult, and event useful for me. So, I'm starting now.


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